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How to publish your landing page


This was done on a mac but the process will obviously work on any The following needs to be present on your mac: brew IDE (vscode) git


github cloudflare gcloud

Advantages choose blogging platform. This walks you through. with the following steps:

  • Install tools

    # hugo install
    brew install hugo
    # rust install/ or npm
    brew install rust
    # terraform install
    brew install terraform


  • get domain cloudflare as nameservers set DNSSEC

  • Create a repo 1.1 terraform init

  • Create a google project

  • terraform files (creates storage, and build triggers)

  • create website

    export GOOGLE_CLOUD_KEYFILE_JSON=~/.ssh/portfolio-b65b2bbca477.json
    # install brew
    brew install hugo
    # create site
    hugo new site site
    cd site/themes
    git submodule add https://github.com/pacollins/hugo-future-imperfect-slim.git
  • update content

    • generate static content
  • install

  • Cloud flare config

    • set cloudflare to the nameserver
    • setup Your subdomain oliversanders.workers.dev for workers
    • get api

      export CF_API_KEY=superlongapikey
      export [email protected]
      wrangler publish --release

Github Repo

Normal way.

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